Harana’t Piyesta – A Filipino Feast

September 28, 2013

With more than 150 guests and 20 stalls (“marktkramen”), UPAA-NL celebrated “HARANA’T PIYESTA” – a Filipino feast with music, food and drinks. In the afternoon of the 28th of September at the Church of Our Saviour in The Hague, guests were treated to a “Harana” – a concert of Philippine and Western classical, pop and hiphop music and dance. The Harana was graced with brilliant performances from singers Tina Barabat, Isabelle Llaneza, Nu Driz, Mary Ann Morales, Paul van Mierlo (accompanied by pianist Wouter Oesthoek), the sisters Lucia and Margret Schouten (with pianist Peter Krassenburg) and by the Strak Blauwband. Hiphop dancegroup MOVES (DCJ Flows and DCJ Blaze) added to the vibrance of the Harana. In the Church Atrium, the ”Piyesta” went on. Philippine specialties and goods were sold in an indoor market. Everyone had their fill of lechon, pastillas, puto and other Philippine pastries. We are happy to say that everyone went home with happy hearts and full stomachs.